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Volunteering internationally popular for local students


  Wang Hanyue with her students in Indonesia

  In recent years, more and more college students in Wuhan have been taking advantage of their summer vacation to do volunteer work in foreign countries. Our reporter interviewed some of them, who shared their experiences.

  Chen Ziying, a sophomore from Wuhan Polytechnic University's School of Arts and Media, went to Egypt on her own as a volunteer worker in late July, teaching English to kindergarten children and being involved in activities related to protecting women's rights. "Many local girls are not able to recognize their own value, and are forced to accept negative and backward customs." She joined partners from all over the world in campus lecture tours around Egypt.

  In their spare time, the volunteers visited the pyramids and went singing and dancing at the beach with local residents.

  Wang Hanyue, a second-year English major from Hubei Institute for Nationalities, went to a school at Ubud Village on Bali Island in Indonesia, teaching oral English to local fourth graders.

  Wang explained that the students were not able to understand English very well, so she had to explain things again and again, using body language and in some cases simple Indonesian. She recalls an incident where her American co-worker was so angry with the naughty children that he quit in the middle of an oral class, and then Wang had to comfort the children, finishing the class alone. To help the children concentrate in class, she bought candies to use as rewards for those who could answer her questions. Sometimes, she taught the classes using games, helping them learn while playing.