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Farewell Wuhan from Nepalese medical graduates


  Graduation photo

  Bicycle tour to East Lake


  (Nepalese student who completed a Master's & PhD at Huazhong University of Science & Technology)

  With every beginning, there comes an end; with every end, there starts a new beginning. Graduating from one of the top ranked Universities is a dream, and what can be better than graduating from the prestigious Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science & Technology. Medical graduating class of 2016 group is extremely grateful to the Government of China, China Scholarship Council for allotting us to one of the most beautiful places, Wuhan, an educational hub in China.

  Pursuing a medical career is a respected ambition and a dream of almost every biology student in Nepal. Life is like a flowing river with innumerable turns and the turn in Wuhan brought us our dream (medical doctor). Post graduation and starting a new job in Nepal will be a new path in our life, but we have a strong determination as always to do something more and to achieve something new. The only thing that we can carry with us is our cheerful memories this city has given us.

  Heartfelt thanks from the outgoing batch (HUST-2016) for the all Nepalese Bicycle Tour of beautiful East Lake, the memorable football match between outgoing Nepalese students versus those continuing their studies, organized by enthusiastic brothers from Nepal, followed by a wonderful Brazilian BBQ farewell dinner, probably one of the most delicious dinners we have had. All these activities not only showered us with good wishes for our farewell but set a legacy to follow in this beautiful city, Wuhan.

  After staying for three years, a personal bond exists between us, and we would someday like to see Wuhan be on par with Beijing and Shanghai in the future. We are leaving Wuhan with a definite personal identity that this city has given us. No words can explain it all, but we will really miss our home (Wuhan) in China and promise to explore every possibility to visit Wuhan and of course China again in the future. Therefore, the stay in Wuhan will be a special moment forever. Tons of good wishes, many thanks, love and prayers will be our final words to Wuhan with the promise to excel in our respective fields.