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9th birthday celebration for Weiwei the panda


  Weiwei the panda with its birthday cake

  By Wang Yaxin

  For the 11th birthday of Weiwei the panda, who came from Wolong in Sichuan Province nine years ago, Wuhan Zoo invited 15 children to have a birthday party for Weiwei on August 30, which is the ninth birthday the panda has celebrated at the Zoo.

  At 10 A.M. that day, one of the young guests inserted a carrot, symbolizing a birthday candle, on top of the double layer birthday cake, which was made of steamed corn bread and decorated with cucumber and pear slices and apples. As the children were singing

  "Happy birthday," the cake was delivered to the panda pavilion where Weiwei was playing. Not seeing his favorite food, bamboo branches, on the cake, Weiwei did not start eating the unfamiliar food until he inspected it more closely.

  After coming to Wuhan, Weiwei has put on almost 30 kilos and attracted more than one million visitors annually.